Blockchain Revolution

Are you ready for the blockchain?

Today, there is a new wave of innovation driven by the web and open source software that promises to change everything all over again. The technology is called “blockchain” or a "distributed ledger" and could serve as the basis of a public ledger system that makes transactions unrepudiated, irreversible and secure. It is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

The use of the blockchain in financial services has taken off, with firms like Citibank, NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs all investing in the blockchain future. Plus, a plethora of venture funds have been announced, which focus on blockchain startups and technologies. While applications of blockchain technology in the financial services industry are promising, our goal has been to help our clients find emerging arenas that could clearly demonstrate the benefits of distributed ledgers in ways that are foundational for societal advancement and economic growth. Thus, we have sought ‘blue ocean’ opportunities characterized by exponential innovation and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to elevate blockchain functionality to a new level.

And so, our vision is help you build what we call a “third generation” distributed blockchain applications. 

The FutureLab Blockchain Lab can help you develop strategic blockchain capabilities and proof-of-concepts:

  • Fast Start:  We offer ‘startup as a service’ solutions so you can learn fast and hit the market rapidly
  • Scalability:  Our approach provides you with both immutability as well as global scalability
  • Next Generation:  Our solutions are simply more advanced than what's out there, in terms of usability and functionality

We combine leading edge technology co-creation services, combined with a world class systematic innovation process, to provide your enterprise with a critical new capacity that will transform how you see the world.

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