What does the future hold?
And how will your organization adapt to it?

The long term success, and indeed the very survival of your organization, depends on your capacity to foresee the future, and then to craft and execute the right strategies to meet it.

At FutureLab, we've worked with organizations all over the world to help their leaders understand the vital trends, the new technologies, and the driving forces of change that are shaping tomorrow...

And to figure out what to do about it.

  • Does your leadership team understand how new technology will impact your business?
  • Are you prepared for disruptive new entrants in your market?
  • What impact will economic change have on your business model?

Who We Are

Our partners are recognized worldwide for their work on the leading edge:

  • Moses Ma was heralded by Time Magazine and the New York Times as an internet visionary, and was first to forsee and deliver the promise of Internet-based gaming, enabled the rise eMarkets in electronic commerce, and produced the world's first conference on mobile imaging, C:Summit.
  • Langdon Morris is recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovation consultants and writers. 
  • Po Chi Wu is a highly successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur, in both America and China, where he helped to establish many enduring new enterprises.
  • Jerome Conlon led the breakthrough strategic marketing work that led to iconic branding for firms like Nike and Starbucks.
  • Doug Glen was the GM of LucasArts Entertainment, the visionary behind the Sega Dreamcast, the Chief Strategy Officer at Mattel, and massively successful serial entrepreneur.
  • Steve Markman is a visionary technology leader with enough foresight to launch the first voice controlled virtual assistant with a human personality and the first open source Linux-based VOIP telephony server.

Drawing on decades of experience at the leading edge, we bring deep insights about success today and tomorrow. Through dynamic, participatory workshops for your leadership team, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth engagements, we'll take you on a journey of discovery to explore tomorrow and beyond, so that you understand the dynamics of new technologies, emerging markets, and future customers.  Learn more about us ...

These are the essential drivers of change that your organization must master to survive and succeed.

Over the last decade we've led breakthrough projects that have immersed the participants in the fascinating trends and forces driving the future, helping to create essential new initiatives, new ventures, new business models, and new products.

We've led executive teams on trend safaris and learning expeditions, through which the participants have discovered the emerging technologies and new customer behaviors first hand. From such experiences come new products, new product lines, and new business models.

Inspired by deep interactions, compelling research, and thoughtful publications, you'll grasp the underlying nature of the critical trends that will shape the future, and then you'll shape meaningful goals and powerful strategies that will enable your organization to meet and master the future.

In addition to our powerful founding team, we've assembled an all-star network of renowned colleagues to constitute the "Foresight SWAT Team." These business leaders and luminaries partner directly with you in thinking through the impact of new technologies, economic trends, changing demographics, and the market dynamics that your organization will be required to respond to in the months and years to come.

Tap into the enormous power of this brain trust to assure that the breadth and depth of your team's thinking will meet and match the complexity of tomorrow.

What is your vision?
And how will you make it real?

Answering these questions is what we do in FutureLab Foresight.

FutureLab Foresight Services:

  • D-Curve Scenario Planning
  • Painstorming
  • D-Map Consulting Services
  • The Innovation Audit
  • The Innovation Master Plan