Testimonials for AI Mastermind


Testimonials for the AI Mastermind Workshop




"It now appears that AI will be a major transformative technology, which means that all leaders will have to grasp its meanings and implications in order to protect and enhance their organizations. This then means that learning how AI works, what it can and cannot do, and how its utility can be applied to your organization must become a very high priority. The AI Mastermind program is a superlative learning tool, and probably an essential one. Fast, efficient, and dense."


– Langdon Morris,
CEO, InnovationLabs



– Dr Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana,
President, World Talent Economy Forum


"Under the visionary leadership of Moses Ma, Future Lab's AI Mastermind training has been nothing short of revolutionary for us. The expertise and forward-thinking approach have guided us through the complexities of AI and is helping us to unleash the full potential of generative AI at our organization. Sometimes, those of us working in emerging economies feel like we're always barely catching up with the exponential change that larger countries are driving... but in this course it feels like we actually have a shot at helping to shape the future."



“I'm a college student and I found this class by just being really lucky. It's a special class because there are some very important people in it, like CEOs of big companies! But the best part is that the teacher makes everyone feel special and important, no matter who they are. I've taken a lot of classes on zoom before, and to be honest, they can be pretty boring. But this class is different! It's like a fun experience where we learn new things and everyone interacts with each other.”



– Valerie Brusola, Student


– Bill Raymond
Host and CEO, The Agile in Action Podcast


"AI is no longer science fiction, and your job may be at risk if you do not acquire new skills. The AI Mastermind course democratizes access to essential skills anyone can learn to remain relevant in this highly competitive job market."


"I recommend the AI Mastermind highly because it’s not just a set of online lectures about the subject. Instead, this program allows for deep interaction with other people who have a genuine interest in AI, encourages the process of helping each other progress, and tasks people to work together on immersive and experiential learning projects. The program also offers some intangible benefits that you can understand only after jump in. It’s really quite unique and exceptional!"

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–Verónica Navarro
Innovation Consultant



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