InnoMetrics software tools are designed to provide senior managers with immediate access to innovation performance data through a comprehensive set of easy-to-use dashboards.  

They enable you to drill down to the project level to review the status of any project, or up to the portfolio level to assess overall performance across multiple criteria, such as "incremental innovations" and "breakthrough innovations."  You can also view portfolios by business line, product or service type, of in fact any other way that would be helpful and useful.  

InnoMetrics also includes a dynamic analysis tool that gives your executive team the ability to perform instant innovation audits and to steer your organization's collective brainpower in the right directions.

And it all works with just a couple of clicks of the mouse or taps on your tablet screen.


It's part of OS/i - the Operating System for Innovation – which provides critical innovation management functionality for senior leadership oversight (InnoMetrics™), project and workflow management throughout the development process or stage gate sequence, and creativity tools to support idea generation, idea sharing, and further development (IdeaQuest™). The entire toolkit consists of management tools, training and processes, and provides the management tools necessary to help your company achieve a sustainable innovation competency. This system is carefully designed to launch, instill and reinforce serious innovation proficiency, supporting your organization in developing successful products and services faster and more sustainably.

It's all based on a comprehensive and proven model of innovation that has been successfully deployed globally in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits and in small and medium sized businesses. 



Click here to download the OS/i white paper.