The C:Space Brainstudio

Is creativity important for your organization?  Is collaboration?  Is innovation?

InnovationCenter-brainstudioWe all know that high levels of creativity are essential of you're going to meet the significant business and innovation challenges that your organization faces every day. These problems are often highly complex, and finding meaningful solutions requires the engagement of many people to share in the development and integration of a great deal of information and knowledge.

However, traditional conference rooms simply weren't built for this way of working, and they can't meet the requirements of high performing teams. Because of their shortcomings, a room full of strong minds often becomes unfulfilled potential instead of breakthrough results. The work place matters, and if the space is wrong, the quality of the thinking and of the work often suffers.

What's needed? The C:Space BrainStudio powers up creativity and performance. It's a powerful business tool that’s designed to support three vital business processes:

  • Creativity:  A place to stimulate and nurture creative thought, exploration, and dialog, 
  • Collaboration:  A facility for high energy collaboration, high performance design, and breakthrough brainstorming for groups from five to fifty in one place.
  • Conferencing:  A global technology network with the best tools to connect people and ideas around the world.

Auchan-brainstudioEach of these elements – creativity, collaboration & conferencing – is certainly critical to the future success of your enterprise, but you’ve probably noticed that none of them work particularly well in traditional conference rooms.  In fact, traditional meeting rooms are widely known as creativity killers.  They’re pretty bad for productivity, too, because they’re just not designed to support these critical business functions, and they don’t.

The C:Space BrainStudio, combined with a comprehensive and systematic innovation process, will provide your enterprise with a critical new capacity that will reap impressive dividends, significantly accelerating the pace creative discoveries and the capacity to produce innovative results. It's a powerful business tool.

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