FutureLab Innovation Affiliate Program

The FutureLab Innovation Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by helping people learn innovation and change their lives for the better. How does this program work? As an affiliate, you help us get the word out - via your website, social media platform, or referral base - to recommend our trainings and workshops, and earn referral fees for doing so. You are not responsible for doing anything more than referring people to our website.  You will earn a significant commission when they sign up. Plus, we offer bonus points that can be applied to your own participation in our training programs. 

Becoming an affiliate is easy and costs nothing to join.

  • Earn 10% commission on all workshops offered at the FutureLab Website
  • For our flagship workshops with co-facilitators Jack Canfield and Jeff Sutherland, you could earn $250 per referral, plus offer a $250 OFF coupon to your readers
  • For our week long Innovation Master Class intensive, you can earn up to $500 per referral, plus offer a $500 OFF coupon to your readers
  • You can easily track leads and sales through your dedicated affiliate resource center

There are Three Easy Steps to Earning!

  1. Sign Up Today! ~ Become a FutureLab Innovation Affiliate and we'll send you everything you need to participate successfully.
  2. Get The Word Out! ~ Recommend our workshops by sending people your affiliate links via email promotions, your website, blog or social media accounts.
  3. Take It To the Next Level! ~ Recommend our globally recognized innovation consulting services and earn a 5% commission on achieved engagements, up to $50,000.

Terms and Conditions

The FutureLab Innovation Affiliate Program offers a quarterly payment schedule. Commissions earned will roll forward to future pay periods and will be paid once commissions accumulate to $50 USD or more. Commissions earned for training events will be paid out after the event has taken place. Affiliate commission payouts are contingent upon sales of full-priced seats at events. Referral partners are cookied to a record for 90 days after a link is clicked.

If you're ready to do it, click HERE to begin the signup process!

If you're already an affiliate, click HERE to log into your affiliate command center.