Blockchain Design Sprint

A new digital gold rush is now underway. The blockchain revolution has begun, and it leverages a fresh, inspiring, multifaceted new world of digital ledgers, consensus computing and decentralization that promises to further disrupt the global economy. The blockchain is a tool for disrupting business models, and as the blockchain revolution grows it promises to disrupt nearly every business, including yours. So how can you master the blockchain in a fast and effective way?

This two and a half day accelerated, immersive design session enables you to fully understand how blockchains work by getting hands on experience by designing and deploying an actual blockchain. Based on a very practical, hand-on learning approach, this is a “learning by doing” experience that leverages the powerful design sprint method used by Silicon Valley companies like Google and Nest.

Our version of the Agile Innovation design sprint is a six step process: Understand | Diverge | Converge | Prototype | Validate | Innospective

The workshop is a powerful, results-oriented program with many immersive activities, self-assessment, and a focus on rapid learning with practical application. You’ll get to build a running blockchain pilot too!

  • Rapidly master the core concepts of decentralized thinking, and fully understand the massive disruptive potential of the blockchain
  • Use the design sprint process to effectively design, prototype, and validate interactive pilots of your blockchain ideas
  • Exercises for breaking out of “constrained thinking” to insure deep creativity on Day 1
  • Understand the differences between first, second and third generation blockchain applications
  • Learn how to invent radically new business models based on blockchains
  • Participate in a special exercise about ICOs, the newest fundraising technique

The entire sprint may be a process that lasts a week, or a few weeks, and by rigorously following the six stages it enables us to not only produce outstanding results, but to simultaneously build our capacity to do even better next time, because we are intentionally learning how to do it better through a focused effort of reflection and discussion.

Find out more by downloading our BLOCKCHAIN DESIGN SPRINT brochure.

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