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GDPR Compliance

Furthermore, you have rights under Articles 13 and 14 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which can be reviewed below. FutureLab Consulting will fully respect your rights regarding the processing of your personal data, and has provided below the details of the person to contact if you have any concerns or questions regarding how we process your data, or if you wish to exercise any rights you have under the GDPR.

You have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed; This means anyone processing your personal data must make clear what they are processing, why, and who else the data may be passed to.
  2. The right of access; this is your right to see what data is held about you.
  3. The right to rectification; the right to have your data corrected or amended if what is held is incorrect in some way.
  4. The right to erasure; under certain circumstances you can ask for your personal data to be deleted. This is also called ‘the Right to be Forgotten’. 
  5. The right to restrict processing; this gives the Data Subject the right to ask for a temporary halt to processing of personal data.
  6. The right to data portability; a Data Subject has the right to ask for any data supplied directly to the Data Controller by him or her, to be provided in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.
  7. The right to object; the Data Subject has the right to object to further processing of their data which is inconsistent with the primary purpose for which it was collected.
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling; Data Subjects have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

The identity and contact detail for the Data Protection Officer within FutureLab Consulting is:

  • Moses Ma, Managing Partner, who can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Computational Currency

Today, new technologies are dramatically changing the way we earn, use, spend and save money. New technologies for payment and financial services will continue to transform the way we distribute goods throughout society and the way we finance every facet of life. The current revolution in monetary systems is actually the third stage in the long evolution of money and financial systems.

The first generation began with the invention of coins, which led to the creation of the marketplace. The second generation was driven by the adoption of paper money which led to the creation of the entire modern banking system and the modern world. The invention of banking and the paper money system destroyed feudalism, changed the basis of organization from heredity to moneyed wealth, and it changed the basis of economic power from owning land to owning stocks, bonds, and companies.

In the silent realms of cyberspace, money is now being reinvented as a free-floating force that can appear instantaneously anywhere in the world in any amount. No longer tethered to any government or country, this entirely new form of money is emerging in a plethora of new forms. The new electronic money is pure energy and has the power to change the world yet again. It will transform the way we distribute goods and the way we finance every facet of life. If the last two monetary revolutions tell us anything, this third revolution in money will eventually rearrange the political map of the world and create whole new local and global entities that are difficult to imagine today.

As we lurch our way into the twenty-first century, it becomes clear that production no longer controls the economy the way it had in preceding centuries. The owners of the means of production have transformed from individuals and families, to companies controlled by millions of shareholders. In the emerging system, power flows under the control of a new class of financiers who only need to direct or know about massive amounts of money and information through brokerage houses and banks, in order to impact the world. They do not need to physically control or move spices and silks, or missiles and music files. The future lies in managing information and controlling the value, of new forms of money.

What's Coming is a New Kind of Cryptocurrency

Over the past few centuries, governments have diligently tried to provide stability by regulating their currency or by controlling the banks that regulated it. However, national currencies are slowly losing their importance, and we are now facing the emergence of an entirely new system of money that requires novel and adaptive forms of regulation, that do not impede the speed of innovation nor efficiency of the real-time business. We are now entering a transitional period in which there will be many competing types of money, both fiat and crypto, with no single one currency dominating. We now have multiple streams of intertwined systems of money. But there are both great benefits and dangers inherent in this brave new crypto-economy.

This is money liberated, unhampered by the control of the state, but at the same time, unable to seek its protection. I call this new form of money, evolving from cryptocurrency and integrating artificial intelligence… computational currency. In the new global economy that is now emerging, the power of computational currency and the institutions built on it could possibly supersede that of nations.

This white paper starts with a historical background, and ends with ten predictions about the future of money.

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Blockchain Design Sprint

A new digital gold rush is now underway. The blockchain revolution has begun, and it leverages a fresh, inspiring, multifaceted new world of digital ledgers, consensus computing and decentralization that promises to further disrupt the global economy. The blockchain is a tool for disrupting business models, and as the blockchain revolution grows it promises to disrupt nearly every business, including yours. So how can you master the blockchain in a fast and effective way?

This two and a half day accelerated, immersive design session enables you to fully understand how blockchains work by getting hands on experience by designing and deploying an actual blockchain. Based on a very practical, hand-on learning approach, this is a “learning by doing” experience that leverages the powerful design sprint method used by Silicon Valley companies like Google and Nest.

Our version of the Agile Innovation design sprint is a six step process: Understand | Diverge | Converge | Prototype | Validate | Innospective

The workshop is a powerful, results-oriented program with many immersive activities, self-assessment, and a focus on rapid learning with practical application. You’ll get to build a running blockchain pilot too!

  • Rapidly master the core concepts of decentralized thinking, and fully understand the massive disruptive potential of the blockchain
  • Use the design sprint process to effectively design, prototype, and validate interactive pilots of your blockchain ideas
  • Exercises for breaking out of “constrained thinking” to insure deep creativity on Day 1
  • Understand the differences between first, second and third generation blockchain applications
  • Learn how to invent radically new business models based on blockchains
  • Participate in a special exercise about ICOs, the newest fundraising technique

The entire sprint may be a process that lasts a week, or a few weeks, and by rigorously following the six stages it enables us to not only produce outstanding results, but to simultaneously build our capacity to do even better next time, because we are intentionally learning how to do it better through a focused effort of reflection and discussion.

Find out more by downloading our BLOCKCHAIN DESIGN SPRINT brochure.

Or buy the book at Amazon!

Blockchain Revolution

Are you ready for the blockchain?

Today, there is a new wave of innovation driven by the web and open source software that promises to change everything all over again. The technology is called “blockchain” or a "distributed ledger" and could serve as the basis of a public ledger system that makes transactions unrepudiated, irreversible and secure. It is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

The use of the blockchain in financial services has taken off, with firms like Citibank, NASDAQ and Goldman Sachs all investing in the blockchain future. Plus, a plethora of venture funds have been announced, which focus on blockchain startups and technologies. While applications of blockchain technology in the financial services industry are promising, our goal has been to help our clients find emerging arenas that could clearly demonstrate the benefits of distributed ledgers in ways that are foundational for societal advancement and economic growth. Thus, we have sought ‘blue ocean’ opportunities characterized by exponential innovation and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to elevate blockchain functionality to a new level.

And so, our vision is help you build what we call a “third generation” distributed blockchain applications. 

The FutureLab Blockchain Lab can help you develop strategic blockchain capabilities and proof-of-concepts:

  • Fast Start:  We offer ‘startup as a service’ solutions so you can learn fast and hit the market rapidly
  • Scalability:  Our approach provides you with both immutability as well as global scalability
  • Next Generation:  Our solutions are simply more advanced than what's out there, in terms of usability and functionality

We combine leading edge technology co-creation services, combined with a world class systematic innovation process, to provide your enterprise with a critical new capacity that will transform how you see the world.

Contact us directly to find out more: CONTACT 

Also, you might find this article about the structure of the blockchain revolution interesting: Moses' blog at Psychology Today 






FutureLab Europe

Das Tempo der Veränderungen nimmt zu

Schneller als je zuvor in Europa

Ist ihre Firma auf exponentielles Wachstum vorbereitet?

FutureLab bringt die Agile Innovation - Bewegung im Jahr 2017 nach Amsterdam Zur Ausbreitung seiner Angebote auf dem europäischen Markt. Kasper de Rijke, ansässig in Amsterdam, führt diese neue Beratung durch, die innovative Ausbildung, Workshops, Coaching und Beratung auf Weltklasseniveau für Führungskräfte im öffentlichen und privaten Sektor aus Europa, dem Nahen Osten und Zentralasien anbietet. Es ist klar, dass fragmentierte oder sporadische Ansätze für Strategien, Innovationen und Technologien nicht ausreichend sind um das Überleben von gegenwärtig operierenden Organisationen abzusichern. FutureLab bietet etwas Neues und Einzigartiges.

Herr de Rijke stellt fest, dass "Agile Innovation das Potenzial besitzt den nächsten Quantensprung in der Wirtschaft herbeizuführen, durch die Vermischung fähiger Ideenfindung und lebhafter Ausführung. Futurelab ist die Heimat der wichtigsten Vordenker auf einem neu entstehenden Schauplatz, der eine umfassende Palette an Beratung, Schulung, Software und Lösungen bietet und für zukunftsorientierte Unternehmen eine neue Art von innovativem Service bereithält. Europäische Firmen erhalten somit direkten Zugang zur Expertise dieses Braintrusts, der eine noch schnellere Art des Fortschritts ermöglicht und den richtigen Ansatz für eine Transformation bereithält.“

Dies wird die erste von mehreren weltweit geplanten Lanzierungen sein, womit die zunehmende Nachfrage einer Unternehmungsberatung außerhalb der Vereinigten Staaten, die praktisch, energiegeladen und innovativ agiert, beantwortet wird. Durch diesen Schritt wird europäischen Kunden ein noch schnellerer Zugang zu diesem „Next Generation“- Ansatz der Innovationen ermöglicht.

Ein neuer Ansatz weltweiter Innovationen

Innovationen stellen ein komplexes Problem dar. Ein Problem, das einhergeht mit Unsicherheit, Risikos und Kreativität. In der gegenwärtigen Unternehmensumwelt, in der Firmen festgelegte Maßstäbe, Sicherheit und vorhersehbare Cashflows einfordern, werden Innovationen oft falsch aufgefasst und sogar vermieden. Dies passiert, da jene Logik, verglichen mit der des heutigen Geschäftslebens, zu viele Unterschiede aufweist. Das hat zur Folge, dass die Innovationsergebnisse der meisten Organisationen nur mäßige und unbefriedigende Resultate erzielen. Die wenigen Unternehmen, die hier eine Ausnahme darstellen, haben sich der Standardnorm entzogen und sich zu den Meistern ihres Fachs gemacht.

FutureLab stattet Sie mit Werkzeugen aus, die wichtig sind um Kernelemente von Innovationen wie Unsicherheit, Doppeldeutigkeit, Kreativität und Möglichkeit aufzugreifen und hilft Ihrem Unternehmen die Innovationen zu beherrschen. Während 99 Prozent der Organisationen auf das gegenwärtig stattfindende Geschäftsleben ausgerichtet sind, muss das Eine Prozent, das sich mit Innovationen auseinandersetzt, effektiv gemanagt werden um so den wichtigen Erlös auf verlässliche Art und Weise produzieren zu können. Auch wenn sich diese Strategie unterscheidet von der des übrigen Geschäftslebens.

Unser Team, bestehend aus Silicon Valley-Veteranen, besitzt zusammen mehr als 100 Jahre Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet des erfolgreichen Lenkens, Entwerfens und Ausführens tonangebender und fortschrittlicher Unternehmen. Wir bieten eine einzigartige Kombination von Diensten an, die nur ein Ziel verfolgt: Ihrem Unternehmen zu helfen sich innovativ aufzustellen.

Wenn Sie mehr wissen wollen, Let´s talk!

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