OSi - the Operating System for Innovation

The Agile Innovation Toolkit™ is a set of software tools that power OS/i - the Operating System for Innovation - that can help your company achieve agility through a sustainable innovation competency. The system is based on a comprehensive and proven model of innovation that has been successfully deployed globally in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits and in small and medium sized businesses. 

Normally, the Agile development process is implemented through a “scrum” – and iterative framework for coding work by a team that is working together effectively. Instead of a long term, large scale development plan, progress occurs in short “sprints,” (hence the speed metaphor) in which the goal is to complete discreet code segments as efficiently as possible.  Similarly, our Agile approach to innovation uses a similar iterative, fast start methodology applied to group ideation. Agile Innovation is a structured approach that is customized to fit the organic innovation process of your business.

The Agile Innovation Toolkit enables a collaborative process that allows innovators to develop validated and implementable visions through brief, high-intensity, directed ideation sprints (we call them “brainsprints”)

  • Integrated training for facilitators and users
  • Real-time innovation tracking and metrics
  • Progress driven by “social workflow”
  • Minimization of management overhead and meeting time

The software allows the company to instill and reinforce a meaningful behavioral shift toward greater innovativeness, increased accountability, greater transparency, and better results. Plus, with our world class integrated innovation training, you will be able to enable deep and meaningful change in your organization. 

Click here to download the OS/i white paper.