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You know that innovation is mandatory in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business world, but you’ve probably also found that it’s difficult for your own organization to innovate on a consistent basis.

You also know that if your organization could not only get good at innovation, but really master it, then you’d gain enormous advantages over the short, medium, and long term.

So what’s the solution?

Enterprise Innovation Management!

Enterprise Innovation Management is a comprehensive approach to innovation management that enables your organization to master this difficult but essential business process.

Mastery is based on three critical elements:

1. The Innovation Master Plan A sound, enterprise-wide innovation strategy that enables you to align your long terms goals with the creative potential of your staff and external partners. The Innovation Master Plan meets the needs of senior managers, middle managers, and all staff. For more information on the IMP, please download this white paper. [Add link to IMP white paper]

2. The Innovation Academy Training is essential for those staff members who will participate actively in the innovation effort. Training must be available in a variety of formats, including online and on-demand, as well as more formal training courses for deeper immersion. Our training solution is called Innovation Academy, and it’s used worldwide. It’s even licensed to the Chinese Government and is now being delivered to hundreds of enterprises through China.

3. FutureLab OS/i An enterprise-scale software tool that support the creative and ideation tasks and also provides senior management with ready means to align corporate strategy and the innovation effort, along with proper design and monitoring of innovation portfolios. Our solution is FutureLab OS/i.

Get the FutureLab OS/i White Paper

FutureLab OS/i provides a comprehensive and systematic technology support your organization requires. It is user-friendly, understandable and clear, and has been proven to be efficient and effective in multiplying creative outputs by a factor of ten or more.

If you’re into the technology, you will want to know that OS/i stands for “Operating System for Innovation” and a revolution is what you can start with it. The framework operates over an open software backplane that can help your company execute a comprehensive innovation strategy in a systematic and transformational manner. It’s a mobile-instrinsic, massively scalable, radically open, cloud-based solution that delivers:

  • A process that allows innovators to develop validated and imple- mentable visions through brief, high-intensity, directed Agile ideation sprints
  • Integrated training for facilitators and users
  • Real-time innovation tracking and metrics
  • Progress driven by “social workflow”

FutureLab OS/i is composed of these components: the Agile Innovation Toolkit™, a next generation application that helps teams better capture, refine, evaluate and manage knowledge - all within a structured innovation pipeline and portfolio; InnoMetrics™ a dynamic analysis tool that gives your executive team the ability to perform instant innovation audits and to drive your collective brainpower in the right directions – think of it as "SaberMetrics for innovation"; and IdeaXML™, an open taxonomy for communicating about ideas and innovation that allows developers to produce secure mashups by exposing innovation functionality. The applications operate over an innovation backplane – over which disparate innovation applications and systems can interlink and interoperate to form digital innovation hubs.

Now what?

Serious innovation requires a comprehensive approach that leverages a meaningful strategic model, world class training, and great software to move your organization to the mastery of innovation.

It’s a revolution that you're looking for, and it’s our mission to support you.

Read the white paper and learn more about FutureLab OS/i. Explore application case studies, and discover how it will support your organization's unique culture and needs.

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