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The process of brainstorming has evolved very little over the sixty years since the technique was invented.  To help move the evolution of this important process forward, FutureLab has developed a breakthrough in the arts and sciences of creating better ideas, an approach we call MindSpark™.

  • MindSpark is a new way to empower, train, and execute breakthrough brainstorming.
  • It can transform how you develop new ideas.
  • It can help you transform good ideas into great ones.
  • It can thus enable the development of powerful new products, services, and business models.

MindSpark combines effective creativity training tools with cutting-edge techniques for behavior change in an experiential workshop that stimulates a shift in awareness that allows participants to reach into the deep core of their creativity, unlocking and expanding creative insights, visions, and ideation.

Groups that are trained in this powerful creativity approach achieve much better results, and combined with FutureLab's strategic tools, innovation solutions, and training systems, you now have access to a systematic method of reprogramming your organization's cultural DNA so that innovation becomes a core, native capability.

Are you ready to take your organization's creativity to the next level?

FutureLab offers a comprehensive approach that leverages a meaningful strategic model, world-class training, great collaboration software, and profound solutions that can move your organization to the mastery level of innovation.

Read the white paper to learn more about the MindSpark training.

Explore application case studies, and discover how it can be customized to fit your organization's unique culture and needs.

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