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FutureLab is developing, in partnership with leading thought leaders and experts, a unique series of workshops, trainings and webinars focused on building practical innovation skills for an exponentially changing world.

Understand the Blockchain is an immersive, interactive learning experience that combines powerful techniques from the Agile Innovation design sprint method, to increase your innovative potential, with exercises that are focused directly on achieving the transition to decentralized thinking and adapting your current business model to the blockchain era. By implementing a “learning by doing” approach, this process will help you not only understand the blockchain, but design a truly compelling blockchain vision for your business, and execute on a concrete and achievable action plan. Date: February 21, 2018

MindSpark is unlike anything you have ever experienced in the innovation space. Drawing on decades of study, practice and experience, the workshop conductors have woven powerful and effective innovation principles with novel transformational exercises, deep self-exploration and eye-opening doses of inspiration and motivation to help you and your team unlock the deepest resources of creativity. The highly experiential format literally transforms you at your core being to live and breathe creativity as well as become a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to become an unstoppable success. This is not just about learning how to come up with ideas, it’s about achieving life mastery through the path of creativity in a way that will impact all areas of your life. Date and Pricing is pending.

$2,495.00 25

Grok the Block is a workshop designed to bring you to a state of clarity about blockchains.  Drawing on decades of study, practice and experience, the workshop conductors have woven innovation techniques with powerful transformational exercises to help you and your team unlock the deeper meaning of blockchains, so you can develop strategies that enable self-actualizing business eco-systems. Co-facilitated by Terry Tillman, who has led personal growth, motivation, team building, culture change and leadership seminars for over 250,000 people and 40 companies in 98 countries and Moses Ma, one of the world’s leading experts in blockchain technology and author of the forthcoming book, The Enlightened Blockchain.  and Pricing is pending.

$2,495.00 25