Generative AI Mastermind FAQ

A tsunami of digital change is coming. We're only seeing the rumble of thunder, the full force of the Generative AI wave has not hit yet. The kind of technological and societal disruption that we’re now facing is more than exponential, it's discontinuous. When it hits it will change everything.

The goal of this Mastermind workshop is to help you develop a strategy for not only surviving the AI revolution, but thriving in this new era. This workshop combines key techniques from Agile design sprints – the secret weapon of companies like Google and Apple – into the Mastermind process.

Normally, FutureLab Consulting works exclusively with senior executives at Fortune 500 level companies, but this is a first offering to emerging leaders. So if you're a startup founder or director of a non-profit organization or simply someone who wants to get a leg up and figure out the GenAI revolution fast, this is for you! 

The risk is real. A recent report conducted by ResumeBuilder surveyed 750 business leaders entrenched in AI technology. Alarmingly, 44% forecasted layoffs in 2024 due to AI efficiencies. New research from the University of Pennsylvania warns that nearly 300 million jobs in the U.S. and Europe face exposure to AI automation. And a recent study released at the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs will be displaced through 2025.

However, it is possible to avoid getting crushed by this incoming technological tsunami... instead you can surf the wave of AI evolution to success. The key is to be proactive now to gain proficiency with AI tools and ensure literacy with AI thinking.

But brace yourself – acquiring AI skills isn't easy. It's  a cognitive challenge of significant magnitude, equivalent to mastering a new language. It is simply not possible to gain AI literacy overnight, or by taking a "seven day intensive," or watching a lot of YouTube videos. It's going to require a few months of serious effort, and the truth is that nobody can do your mental pushups for you. 

Here's the good news: every entrepreneur has a superpower and AI is like a super-secret serum that activates a dormant superhuman gene deep within you. GenAI has the potential to lift you and your life to new heights. You can use that power to not only feel but to be in control of your destiny, to earn more money, to make a real and meaningful impact on the world, and to manifest your best life.

So what exactly is this superpower? It’s the thing that makes us different from any other species on the planet… your creativity. What AI can do is help you strengthen your core creativity to unleash your creative potential. Core creativity is like core strength, and unless we're actively exercising it, it gets a bit flabby. For example, as a test, one member of our team wrote a 25 page marketing ebook in an arena outside of expertise... in only 60 minutes, complete with images. This would normally take days or weeks to do. This process is integrated into our first session, seeing exactly how to leverage the best of breed AI tools to 10x creativity advantage. This program is a launchpad for learning how to leverage these amazing new AI tools to get a better job, to increase your income, to ensure a competitive edge, and to realize your best life! 🚀

Here’s what we’ll be learning in this Mastermind doing over the next six months:

👍🏼 Month 0: Pre-workshop Orientation Webinar – Before the first workshop, we'll host an onboarding orientation webinar, plus a free digital skills tutorial to ensure everyone can get a level start. We will cover which digital skills you’ll need to participate, review Zoom protocols, and explain context and technology ecosystems for AI tools and usage. 

🔮 Month 1: Generative AI for Personal Creativity – Learning is easier if you enjoy what you’re learning. Our first session is all about finding something that triggers a sense of joy for you. Using that spark, you will be able to harness the power of generative AI to 10x your skills in content creation, art, video, and more. But it all starts with making something that makes you happy! Your first assignment is to use a tool like Lumen5 video or or PikaLabs to create something that is beautiful and reflects your spirit. 

🌟 Month 2: Generative AI for Expressivity – Learn how to master the MegaPrompt to craft laser-focused instructions for GenAI, ensuring it delivers precisely what you envision. Unleash the full potential of AI with strategic prompt engineering. Elevate your AI game to the next level.

🤝 Month 3:  Generative AI for Business Creativity – Amplify your core business creativity with - your participation in this mastermind provides a free subscription to the AI app to exercise those innovation muscles and level up. This is your chance to amplify your inner ideational genius to supercharge your business.

💪 Month 4: Master the Design Sprint – Design sprints are the secret innovation weapon used by companies like Google and Apple to build cutting edge products and services. Now you can too, with the power of GenAI powered collaborative design sprints! This month is hands on, as you will leverage your co-accountability success circles to run your own GenAI powered design sprints to uplift your business and creative ventures.

🧭 Month 5: Building your Own Bot – Build with GPT and Large Language Models to bring your idea to life with No-Code AI. A hands-on tutorial in building your own AI bot without code, including creating your own custom ChatGPT apps, known as GPTs, as well as a peek into Zapier and A hands on guide to creating unique and powerful AI workflows with ChatGPT.

🎉 Month 6: Find your Mission in Life – tap into the power of your core creativity and your co-accountability circle to explore where you want to go and who you want to be in the AI driven future, and then build a concrete plan for getting there. Understand emerging tech trends to gain insights about how to shape your own future. We’ll also talk about pitfalls, like AI bias, ethics, copyright issues. AI is changing society, law, and how we interact with the world. We can ensure you’re on the cutting edge of these rapid shifts coming at us.

☯️ Free Bonus Sessions – There will be several additional webinars and content offered, and two success circles per month during months 7 and 8, to make sure anyone running behind catches up and completes the process of achieving AI literacy. We want every single student to cross the finish line and win!

You can get a sense of the event by watching this video about the program:


Topics covered

Here are some of the topics we'll cover in this program:

  • Why AI is way bigger and more important to you than previous tech trends like crypto or the metaverse
  • Why reading about AI is not enough, and why you must get your hands dirty
  • How to use Ai for product development and ideation
  • How to use AI for marketing and sales
  • How to leverage design sprints, the secret weapon of companies like Apple and Google, to up your game
  • Learn about the power of the business model canvas for better understanding your unique value proposition
  • Understanding the power of the minimum viable product to ensure commercial success
  • There will be a virtual demo day at the end of the program to show your ideas to experts and your peers 

GenInnoBookBonus – we'll provide you with extensive resources - not just a list of recommended online reading materials, but full access to tools and materials that can accelerate your learning journey and keep you informed and inspired. Plus, you'll receive a complimentary advance copy of a 397 page book titled Generative Innovation, and access to the BrainstormBot product family during the Mastermind, worth several hundred dollars. We'll also curate the best AI tools for you :

  • The Best Chatbots
  • The Best AI Art Generators
  • The Best AI Image Generators
  • BBot handThe Best AI Voice Generators
  • The Best AI Presentation Generators
  • The Best AI Meeting Recorders
  • The Best AI Tools for Personal Productivity

About BrainstormBot – this AI chatbot behaves like a gifted innovation coach and muse for your team, and offers "starter ideas" in an upbeat manner, that will prime the pump of your team's core creativity. Users are saying it's like "brainstorming on steroids" and "freaky good". BrainstormBot is for teams that want to take innovation to the next level. Your participation in this MasterMind will provide you with free access to this leading edge AI tool, that can boost your personal creativity. You can find out more at

So who is leading this Mastermind? – thMMaSpeaking portraitere are a lot of AI training programs springing up, but how many are led by someone who has actually built an AI product? This mastermind is led by Moses Ma, who is managing partner of FutureLab Consulting. He's the designer/developer of BrainstormBot, the world’s first GenAI app that enhances and improves brainstorming for both individuals and teams. He's a serial entrepreneur who has built critically acclaimed, bestselling software products. He is a notable strategic consultant and Fortune 100 executives have said about his work, "the project you’ve created for us has become the most important R&D initiative for our company this year” and “Moses is our secret weapon.” As a scientist, he's been published in Science, the top scientific journal in the world. And he's consistently voted the top speaker at global conferences he's keynoted and taught workshops at. Lori Crever, SVP of Wells Fargo Bank, said, “Moses Ma is off the charts, A-Triple Plus. I was blown away by his ability to lead, create, examine, challenge and push us for dynamic and innovative results.” This is a chance to learn from a true expert and technology guru.

About Masterminds – Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills. A Mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. We will be using a modified "eMasterMind" process that uses co-accountability circles to track goals and successes (basically a mix of Agile and OKR). If this becomes a larger Mastermind, we'll use a decentralized process to make sure that everyone gets enough time in the hot seat to drive progress. Here's why this is vital: evolution taught humanity that forming tribes and packs, of roughly 30-70 people, was essential for survival. When AI ice age hits with full fury – you need to find your AI tribe. In the Generative AI Mastermind, you'll connect with both seasoned pros and emerging startup entrepreneurs who have a passion for innovation. Within a Mastermind context, this invaluable network can lead to exciting collaborations, mentorships, and career opportunities.

About AffiliatesIf you have a sizable mailing list, or work as a consultant or a life coach, we have an affiliate rewards program that will provide generous referral fees to you for helping us get the word out. Please inquire below!

Cost and Schedule  – this Mastermind requires a subscription of $99 a month for ten months whic can be purchased at this payment link.  If you wish to pay once for the entire series for a discounted fee of $699, you can purchase by using this special discounted payment link. Please note that pricing is scheduled to increase in early March 2024, but we will delay the increase to accommodate stragglers.  If you want to take advantage of lower pricing, please do so by registering ASAP.

Also, your Mastermind subscription provides the following tools at no cost: 

  • 6 months of participation in the GenAI Mastermind
  • 4 months of followup webinars and additional coaching sessions to make sure everyone made it to literacy
  • 12 months of BrainstormBot usage, valued at $120
  • 3 GenAI powered design sprints, valued at $300
  • 12 months of access to the course Slack workspace (but you will need to set up your own Slack workspace to host your design sprints)
  • An advance release copy of Generative Innovation, a 350 page reference book for the class (more)

Note: these materials are provided in Month 2, and will require a commitment to complete the entire sequence to use the tools during the program. You can cancel at any time, but the included subscriptions to the software will be canceled as well. If you’d like to find out more, just send us a message through the form below. 

Enterprise attendees  – we offer a special program to support enterprise engagement. You can attend with a co-worker, or two or three, at a discounted rate. And if you purchase the "Full Circle" engagement for a dedicated success circle, you can focus your circle on issues of most interest to your organization. The only things we ask are: (1) please include at least one person from HR to participate directly, (2) if possible, provide a small spiff fund so we can gamify the program for your attendees. The added benefit for enterprises engaged full circle is that we will provide you with our video content for use within your enterprise... with no royalty fee or additional fee. If you wish to pay once for a "full circle" for $5,000, you can purchase the series by using this special "full circle" payment link. Additionally, dedicated Masterminds can be scheduled for larger enterprises, with a minimum of 100 attendees, which includes special content and use cases applicable to your industry. Find out more HERE.

This Mastermind is a first bold step toward not just surviving but thriving in the AI revolution!

You can read some testimonials HERE!

Take command of your future, with FutureLab. The fun begins in spring 2024!  The start date will be announced soon, we are currently registering enterprise clients and this is taking some time.

This is how you win.

So, are you ready to take the leap?

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