Generative Innovation: Coming Soon


Humanity’s next great leap forward will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Artificial Intelligence is hitting now, and there is no end in sight.

But a deeper and more pervasive transformation will happen as well, profoundly changing the way the human race thinks and creates.


Generative Innovation™ is a book about the application of generative AI to the art and science of innovation. The book also serves as a map of the undiscovered territories of the Generative AI revolution. Generative AI is now disrupting the media and design industries, but soon it will disrupt fundamental business models in every industry. Best practices and linear thinking won’t cut it anymore, and are not up to the task of managing the kind of disruption that’s heading our way. Now, there is a tool that can help you stay ahead, and ensure your organization’s success in the coming years as these technologies remake the world.

This book offers powerful techniques used in Agile Innovation design sprints, to increase your creativity, blended with carefully designed exercises focused directly on building your AI-powered business. It’s filled with exercises and special content for all types of users. But the focus is on brainstorming, a uniquely human endeavor. When a group of people brainstorm, it often produces ideas that are superior to what the lone inventor can produce. And so, at its simplest level, this book explains how AI will interact with business creativity. 

This 367 page book is based on the BrainstormBot app, which acts like a mini-brainstorm sounding board, riffing with you to refine your ideas and hone your creative energies. It will prime your brain’s creative pump!

No matter what market or industry you’re in, whether you’re in a startup or large and stodgy corporation... BrainstormBot offers a groundbreaking solution to revolutionize brainstorming and innovation at your company. It can help high tech startups, restaurants seeking a competitive advantage, home consulting company, a lifecoach, or a local sports teams looking for an edge for recruiting players – this bot can amplify your creativity, enhance collaboration, and teach you how to be more innovative as well! 

It's coming soon!