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Humanity’s next great leap forward will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Driverless cars and trucks will put millions of people out of work. Biotech will extend lifespans beyond 100 years.

But a deeper and more pervasive transformation will happen in concert, profoundly changing the way the human race connects.

Coadunation™: Emergence of the Global Mind is an exploration into the deeper meaning of the information revolution. The human race is standing on the brink of massive technological change that will fundamentally transform every part of our lives. The blockchain, AI/robotics  and quantum computing will change the way we live, work, learn, romance, move about, shop, entertain, vote, connect… every aspect of life is about to experience a quantum shift, that will someday be understood as our destiny. The coming shift will transform the human condition, and propel the human race not only toward radically new forms of commerce and governance… but it will transform consciousness itself.

Humanity’s next great leap forward will be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Driverless cars and trucks will put millions of people out of work. Biotech will extend lifespans beyond 100 years. Cities will change to reflect the intersection of many technological disruptions. Blockchains serve as "truth machines" to transform the nature of the knowledge on the Web. And quantum computing changes everything. Over the next two decades, institutions and daily life will become unrecognizable. But a deeper and more pervasive transformation will happen in concert, profoundly changing the way the human race connects. This shift will transform the human condition, and propel the human race not only toward radically new forms of commerce and governance… but it will transform consciousness itself.

The idea is simple and it comes from this observation: it takes roughly 10 billion protein molecules to create a simple cell; it takes roughly 10 billion cells to create the simplest form of advanced organism; it takes roughly 10 billion neurons to create the beginning of awareness. So, is there something inherently interesting about this 10 billion number, that enables it to act as a phase transition point for complexity and emergent behavior?

And this leads us to ask… what happens when 10 billion brains are connected over a planetary nervous system? What happens when 10 billion human brains coadunate? What are the emergent behaviors we will see as a result of coadunation? Could it be that the blockchains are the first “memory” cells that can remember in a fully decentralized manner? The memory inside of a cell is not as useful as the memory shared by all cells. The blockchain provides a way to create a consensual memory, where everyone agrees what is true... and could combat the scourge of fake news.

This book offers a unique perspective that reveals a deeply transformational element imperceptibly embedded within disruptive technologies like the blockchain, and offers a novel way to understand what exponential growth and disruption means for all of us. By viewing the coming technology gigashift from a perspective of human potential, transformational technology and mindfulness, the book aims to enable the mindshift that allows the reader to transition from fear and confusion, to a deeply intuitive and spiritually centered understanding of what may come. This book will help readers how to navigate the spiritually connected future. 

Authored by Moses Ma, the managing partner of FutureLab Consulting & Ventures.

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Futurelab Ventures

The rate of change is not just accelerating,

Humanity is facing something very new.... discontinuous change.

Is your firm prepared for this new frontier?

In the near future, humanity will undergo massive discontinuous change as three new technologies are globally deployed and begin to converge: artificial intelligence, blockchains and most importantly, quantum computing. At the same time, massive societal shifts are happening that require we understand the human condition at a deeper level.

This discontinuous change that has already begun is different from the “normal” exponential change we’ve been experiencing for the last few decades, based on Moore’s Law which has doubled computing speed every 18 months. For example, quantum computers can tackle complex problems that are currently impossible today, or that would take an impossibly long time to solve: In one experiment, a single quantum computer solving an optimization problem bested 1 million computers at Google by a factor of 100. That’s 100,000,000 times faster overnight, which is a lot more than doubling steadily every 18 months. 

Quantum algorithms could slice through Internet encryption like butter, to make the worst case scenario of Y2K look like a picnic. And when quantum computing impacts machine learning, we’ll see positive feedback, increasing returns cycle that will accelerate both disciplines. In this intertwined manner, new technologies will bring humanity new medicines, new catalysts, new business models, new industries.  

The perfect example of discontinuous change in societal processes is the pandemic we're in. All you have to do is look at how rapidly things fell apart, but also, the remarkable speed at which vaccines were developed.

Therefore, companies that blend blockchains, quantum algorithms and a deeper understanding of human need and societal evolution will develop stronger core business models that will enjoy a significant advantage in exploiting this next “mother of all frontiers” — like a ship that sails the edge of a perfect storm, to slingshot past its competition.

FutureLab Ventures is focused on opportunities generated by discontinuous change.

Innovation is a complex problem, a problem of uncertainty, risk, and creativity. In today’s business environment, companies assume a predictable future, but this is about to shift into something new, accelerating the evolution of humanity. But it is possible to manage discontinuous change. For example, FutureLab is working on next generation hybrid quantum computing solutions that are deployable today, offering significant computational advantages, and using the same code set that will support quantum annealing and other emergent technologies in the future. This means the ability to pre-test quantum algorithms, validate new models, and generate incremental revenues on the way to the quantum future.

FutureLab operates both a consulting arm and a boutique venture studio that is focused on this type of approach – it's a living laboratory for experimenting with mindset change, strategies for societal change, and technologies like decentralization and hybrid quantum computing. Our goal is to bring together innovation, strategy, community, technology, investment and wisdom – that will power the transformation of society in the 21st century.

Our team of Silicon Valley veterans has the combined experience of more than 100 years of success on the leading edge of business design and execution, and we offer a unique set of services that are focused on only one objective: to help your new venture plan and navigate discontinuous change and its concomitant super-exponential opportunity. We can help you envision the impact of blockchains and quantum computing. We can help you build advanced technologies more effectively. Heck, we can even help you write hit songs!

We've already de-emphasized the consulting services side of FutureLab, in order to focus on the new ventures side of the business. The flagship offering is DISH, the Digital Immune System for Humanity, a decentralized approach to public health and pandemic management. [Read more about this project HERE]. We have a number of other breathtaking new ventures under incubation, and would be happy to discuss our efforts with notable value-added investors and co-creation partners.

If you’d like to find out more, let's talk!

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The DISH Project

The single greatest challenge facing humanity today is the COVID pandemic.

And so, FutureLab has de-emphasized its consulting services because we have joined the front line and going "all in" to develop software for COVID response.

This is the DISH project: the Digital Immune System for Humanity.

FutureLab envisions a future in which our society not only recovers from the COVID pandemic, but one in which all of society learns to develop the collective skills and processes to make pandemics much less likely to occur in the future. America has sadly become the cautionary tale of how to not succeed at pandemic response. The goal is for society to dramatically improve its latent potential for coordination and collaboration in effective pandemic management.  And there is no better time than right now to begin this process of societal learning. This is about learning how to invent the future, together. 

When we look deeper, we will find that the breakthrough isn’t really in the technology, it has more to do with shifting our collective mindset to make it possible to adapt more effective strategies for societal success.

And so, let us imagine a year or two into the future: a number of COVID-19 vaccines have been deployed and after long last, the world is finally moving forward into a post pandemic world. But in many ways, the aftermath of the pandemic continues, forcing everything to change. There will be a “new normal” coming for everything from the way people receive health care, to how they work and learn, to how they travel and shop, to how they socialize and express what it means to be human.  But before we talk about the profound societal changes facing us, let us provide a quick overview about our proposed platform for manifesting change: DISH is an intelligent, decentralized pandemic response management system.

A Platform for Change

The following non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are known to be effective in containing COVID: testing, contact tracing, masks, and social distancing.  However, no truly effective technology solutions have emerged for digitize NPI - for example, governments developed and deployed mobile contact tracing apps, but they simply have not proven effective, for many reasons, one being that they required an unrealistic adoption threshold of over 70-80% of the population to be effective. What the world needs are intelligent digital tools that can make a difference in the management of pandemics, and we posit that COVID Defender can make that difference, especially in the United States.  

What will work in the United States is to use user-centric design thinking that addresses unarticulated human needs that blend community interest with self-interest. All within a context and a next generation framework for personal infection risk management. This is exactly what we’ve done with our app – we have implemented an innovation-forward, user-centric approach to pandemic mitigation that goes far beyond contact tracing. And doing so without abdicating our responsibility to ensure user privacy.  

We will formally announce this project in early 2022, so stay tuned. If you’d like to find out more about this project right away, please contact us via the contact form below.


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Computational Currency

Today, new technologies are dramatically changing the way we earn, use, spend and save money. New technologies for payment and financial services will continue to transform the way we distribute goods throughout society and the way we finance every facet of life. The current revolution in monetary systems is actually the third stage in the long evolution of money and financial systems.

The first generation began with the invention of coins, which led to the creation of the marketplace. The second generation was driven by the adoption of paper money which led to the creation of the entire modern banking system and the modern world. The invention of banking and the paper money system destroyed feudalism, changed the basis of organization from heredity to moneyed wealth, and it changed the basis of economic power from owning land to owning stocks, bonds, and companies.

In the silent realms of cyberspace, money is now being reinvented as a free-floating force that can appear instantaneously anywhere in the world in any amount. No longer tethered to any government or country, this entirely new form of money is emerging in a plethora of new forms. The new electronic money is pure energy and has the power to change the world yet again. It will transform the way we distribute goods and the way we finance every facet of life. If the last two monetary revolutions tell us anything, this third revolution in money will eventually rearrange the political map of the world and create whole new local and global entities that are difficult to imagine today.

As we lurch our way into the twenty-first century, it becomes clear that production no longer controls the economy the way it had in preceding centuries. The owners of the means of production have transformed from individuals and families, to companies controlled by millions of shareholders. In the emerging system, power flows under the control of a new class of financiers who only need to direct or know about massive amounts of money and information through brokerage houses and banks, in order to impact the world. They do not need to physically control or move spices and silks, or missiles and music files. The future lies in managing information and controlling the value, of new forms of money.

What's Coming is a New Kind of Cryptocurrency

Over the past few centuries, governments have diligently tried to provide stability by regulating their currency or by controlling the banks that regulated it. However, national currencies are slowly losing their importance, and we are now facing the emergence of an entirely new system of money that requires novel and adaptive forms of regulation, that do not impede the speed of innovation nor efficiency of the real-time business. We are now entering a transitional period in which there will be many competing types of money, both fiat and crypto, with no single one currency dominating. We now have multiple streams of intertwined systems of money. But there are both great benefits and dangers inherent in this brave new crypto-economy.

This is money liberated, unhampered by the control of the state, but at the same time, unable to seek its protection. I call this new form of money, evolving from cryptocurrency and integrating artificial intelligence… computational currency. In the new global economy that is now emerging, the power of computational currency and the institutions built on it could possibly supersede that of nations.

This white paper starts with a historical background, and ends with ten predictions about the future of money.

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