FutureLab workshops and trainings now offer certification by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), the world's first and only independent innovation certification body. So if you are an innovation professional who is interested in being recognized for your innovation skills, this is a terrific opportunity to do so. An IAOIP certification is a public and visible endorsement of an individual’s ability to innovate. 

Working professionals have a lot to gain from a professional innovation certification. Some individuals may be tasked with creating innovative products or services. Other individuals may be placed in a position where they must guide innovation across their organization (e.g., innovation manager or innovation directors). For these individuals, the knowledge and skills learned from our certification will substantially aid them in their daily tasks, guiding them to more successful and innovative outcomes.

Executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are tasked with growing a business would benefit from finding innovations and embedding the capability to innovate inside their organization. Learning how to implement and apply innovation requires serious study and practice. Also, if you're looking to move up in an innovation career, these positions are highly coveted, fiercely competitive, and hard to break into. Leading companies and organizations seek individuals with both training and experience to deliver top line innovation. Here's your opportunity to get that training under your belt.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Gain knowledge and skills in innovation. Getting a certification is a more motivating and empowering way to learn a subject in a comprehensive manner.
  • Public endorsement of your skills by an internationally recognized professional body.
  • The best way to increase innovation success rates is to have practitioners comprehensively educated in innovation and implementing leading edge practices and strategies.
  • If your goal is to accelerate your career and build skills to help change the world, getting a certification in a 21st century skill is a terrific first step.

The IAOIP is an international association of innovation professionals with significant resources for its members and certified professionals.  The IAOIP offers a sizable network of innovation professionals to support and continue to grow global knowledge and skills.