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Conventional wisdom in marketing circles says that it takes about two years to turn around or significantly uplevel a national brand in the marketplace. But in the late 1990s, Nike was able to do it in just two quarters… and the approach that was used kept sales growing over 75% a year for five years in a row. And Nike’s stock value rose from $5.00 per share to $35.00 per share largely on the strength of these key changes implemented, thus transforming the way the company perceived the market and its ability to innovate.

This is a white paper about how Nike made it happen, and BrandSpark is your way to tap into this effective theory and methodology for integrating innovation and brand management.
BrandSpark™ is a new way to brainstorm, understand, and manage breakthrough brand management:
  • It can transform how you manage and shape your brand
  • It can show a way to go deeper into the meaning of your brand
  • It can enable real-time brand strength monitoring through a new kind of brand engagement framework
BrandSpark is an experiential workshop that stimulates a powerful shift in participants' understanding of "branding field dynamics."  Participants also become adept at detecting blindspots and overcoming contradictions that are holding them and their brand back. BrandSpark is based on ethography, similar to design ethnography, which is good for navigating personas and needsfinding for product development. Ethography is the study of ethos - and is what is needed to navigate meaning and  archetypes that are central to achieving iconic branding. Groups that are trained in this approach can achieve breakthrough results in meeting unarticulated customer needs and core values.
Combined with FutureLab's powerful strategy tools, innovation solutions, and training systems, you now have access to a systematic method of reprogramming your organization's cultural DNA so that innovation and brand alignment become core, native capabilities – from conception to implementation.
Are you ready to take your organization's brand management systems to the next level?
Read the this white paper to learn more about the BrandSpark workshop and training.
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