About Creativity

Where do you get new ideas? Many people sit down to brainstorm and then they quickly discover how difficult it is come up with genuinely new, genuinely compelling ideas. In the same setting with the same people, they get the same disappointing results. So how do you break out of this cycle?

MindSpark™ Methodology

There is a creative genius hidden in each one of us, and MindSpark brings it out. In MindSpark workshops we engage your team in a series of carefully structured exercises that will expose an abundance of new ideas and possibilities. It's a new way to empower, train, and execute breakthrough brainstorming.

Its goals are:

To transform how you innovate
To show how great ideas can evolve from good notions
To enable the development of powerful new products, services, and business models.
The Strategy SWAT Team™

How can you align your own creativity with the macro trends that are shaping the future? FutureLab has assembled a team of world-class technologists, thinkers, and business leaders to help you break through to brilliant new ideas that are sure to be relevant . Our Strategy SWAT Team workshops are like your own TED conference – concepts become insights become ideas become great possibilities to fill up your pipeline of compelling new possibilities.

The Ultimate BrainStudio™

High levels of creativity are needed to meet the significant business and innovation challenges that your organization faces every day. These problems are often highly complex, and finding meaningful solutions requires the engagement of many people in the integration of lots of information and knowledge. Traditional conference rooms simply weren’t built for this way of working, and they can’t handle the demands. As a result, the work flow is interrupted, decisions are postponed, and the creative potential of a room full of strong minds remains unfulfilled. There’s not enough wall space to display all the information that the teams needs to work with, and lacking big white boards and digital work surfaces people are forced to improvise, and the quality of the thinking and of the work suffers. Your team can benefit significantly with a real “innovation room” – the Ultimate BrainStudio.

The BrainStudio is a powerful business tool that’s designed to support four vital business processes:

Creativity: A place to stimulate and nurture creative thought, exploration, and dialog,
Collaboration: A facility for high energy collaboration, high performance design, and breakthrough brainstorming for groups from five to fifty in one place.
Conferencing: A global technology network with the best tools to connect people and ideas around the world.
Innovation: A place and a process to manage the vast complexities of a genuinely effective innovation process.
Each of these elements – creativity, collaboration, conferencing, and innovation – is certainly critical to the future success of your enterprise, but you’ve probably noticed that none of them work particularly well in traditional conference rooms. What’s the alternative? The BrainStudio... and combined with a comprehensive and systematic innovation process, it will provide your enterprise with a critical new capacity that will reap impressive dividends, significantly accelerating the pace creative discoveries and the capacity to produce innovative results. The principles and practices of the BrainStudio have been piloted and proven over years of development and experimentation, and now they’re ready for you.

For more information, please download our white papers on MindSpark™ and the Ultimate BrainStudio2™.

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