AI Mastermind for the Enterprise

A tsunami of digital change is coming. A recent study released at the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs will be displaced through 2025. This level of disruption will be almost three times greater than COVID... with the difference being that jobs lost to COVID were eventually regained. The majority of the jobs lost to AI will be permanent. This could trigger another recession and exacerbate income inequality. Especially if companies do the equivalent of hoarding toilet paper in a panic. 

Enterprises can do something about it – just follow this simple rule: undertake AI skills training for your workforce, 3-6 months before contemplating layoffs. This will minimize the number of employees you'll need to lay off, and it will save you money because AI-savvy recruits will be at a premium.

But brace yourself – acquiring AI skills isn't easy or cheap. It's  a cognitive challenge of significant magnitude, equivalent to mastering a new language. It is simply not possible to gain AI literacy overnight, or by taking a "seven day intensive," or watching a lot of YouTube videos. It's going to require a few months of serious effort, and the truth is that nobody can do your mental pushups for you. An equivalent training normally costs $2-4000 per seat, and at a top tier business school, over $10,000.

FutureLab has developed a way to provide serious AI skills, at an affordable price, by leveraging your company's hidden resource in collaborative learning, and it's called the AI Mastermind. This program taps into the latent superpower of creativity in your team. This program is a launchpad for learning how to leverage these amazing new AI tools to your troops AI proficient as soon as possible! 🚀

It works like this: your firm purchases a "Full Circle" engagement for ten team members from your organization, who will serve as internal trainers at your company. After completing this Train-the-Trainer program, they return to your organization, with all the content at no additional cost, and relay the training internally. If your company has 100-200 employees, the total cost would be less than $50 per employee. What makes it work is an earnest desire by your employees to learn this stuff as quickly as possible, to avoid becoming obsoleted by AI technology.

Topics covered

Here are some of the topics we'll cover in this program:

  • Why AI is way bigger and more important to you than previous tech trends like crypto or the metaverse
  • Why reading about AI is not enough, and why you must get your hands dirty
  • How to use AI for product development and ideation
  • How to use AI for marketing and sales
  • How to not only learn, but design prompt frameworks that would work for your company
  • How to leverage design sprints, the secret weapon of companies like Apple and Google, to up your game
  • Learn about the power of the business model canvas for better understanding your unique value proposition
  • Understanding the power of the minimum viable product to ensure commercial success
  • There will be a virtual demo day at the end of the program to show your ideas to experts and your peers 

GenInnoBookBonus – we'll provide you with extensive resources - not just a list of recommended online reading materials, but full access to tools and materials that can accelerate your learning journey and keep you informed and inspired. Plus, you'll receive a complimentary advance copy of a 397 page book titled Generative Innovation, and access to the BrainstormBot product family during the Mastermind, worth several hundred dollars. We'll also curate the best AI tools for you :

  • The Best Chatbots
  • The Best AI Art Generators
  • The Best AI Image Generators
  • BBot handThe Best AI Voice Generators
  • The Best AI Presentation Generators
  • The Best AI Meeting Recorders
  • The Best AI Tools for Personal Productivity

About BrainstormBot – this AI chatbot behaves like a gifted innovation coach and muse for your team, and offers "starter ideas" in an upbeat manner, that will prime the pump of your team's core creativity. Users are saying it's like "brainstorming on steroids" and "freaky good". BrainstormBot is for teams that want to take innovation to the next level. Your participation in this MasterMind will provide you with free access to this leading edge AI tool, that can boost your personal creativity. You can find out more at

The AI Mastermind is a first bold step toward not just surviving but thriving in the AI revolution!

You can read some testimonials for the training HERE!

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