Why Enterprises Need to Start AI Skills Training Right Away

supes teamThe World Economic Forum predicts 85 million jobs will displaced by 2025, with the level of societal disruption surpassing the impact of COVID. This is going to be a bloodbath of layoffs, and companies today aren't likely to do anything more than the corporate equivalent of hoarding toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Enterprises need to adopt a human-centered approach to AI deployment asap, with the very practical first step of offering their employees serious AI training well in advance of layoffs. The problem is that the cognitive challenge of acquiring meaningful AI skills is similar to that of mastering a new language... and which means it will take time, and could cost lots of money. 

And that's the problem we hope to solve with our AI Mastermind training program - it's a 10x cheaper, decentralized, scalable AI skills training solution, that leverages both AI and human EQ, to enable a strategic solution for large-scale meaningful AI skills development in the enterprise.

Just to let you know, we plan to open-source this solution at some point to benefit humanity. Our big vision is to launch a "Manhattan project for human potential" - to help 100 million people achieve AI literacy within two years. That's the lofty big vision, and the very first practical step is to find companies who want to join the revolution by sponsoring a "full circle":

The Full Circle Engagement for Enterprises

If your company were to purchase a Full Circle engagement, allowing you to enroll 10 resources for what is essentially a "train the trainer" program for only $350 per employee (note: pricing is going to increase soon). We would provide training materials and content at no additional cost, to help those 10 trainers spread the process through your entire organization at a very low cost. This reduces the cost of training 100 people to as little as $35 each. Our estimate that larger enterprises will be able to provide high-quality AI skills training for maybe $10 or less per employee.

If you have a company with over 100 employees, we urge you to contact us to discuss this opportunity to achieve a quick win. A few things to consider:

  • This will provide high-value AI skills training at a 10x lower price, which will get your company AI-ready sooner, making you more competitive and innovative
  • The failure rate of corporate training in AI has been a problem, but we "lead with the joy of creativity" to drive a higher pedagogical success rate 
  • It will cost less to train AI skills to your current workforce than to do layoffs and hire new AI-trained resources afterwards at a premium, plus our system helps identify AI stars by gamifying the process

Like the pandemic, this is happening and it's counterproductive to pretend it isn't. It is vital that companies start doing things that optimize societal outcomes. Our tests for AI productivity gains argue that a total headcount reduction between 10-30% is likely, as some tasks become 5-10x cheaper to perform, often with superior results, by leveraging gen AI functionality. So if you have a marketing department with 5 resources, it's likely you'll lay off 1-2 and require the others utilize AI tools. As for customer service, figure 80% will be laid off. And all those jobs will be gone forever.

This is going to be like the Pleistocene Ice Age, when humanity was forced to adapt or die. It did so by forming tribes. As we face this digital ice age, the best way to survive it is by forming AI tribes – people who will have your back, and ensure that everyone in the tribe makes it. So if you're a manager, be their tribe. This is how you instill loyalty in the troops, and this is how you can prevent the pain of AI job layoffs at your company. 

If you're ready to step up and make a difference, you can sign up for a Full Circle engagement here:

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If you're interested in registering for the course personally, we urge you to do so immediately, as the price for the workshop will soon be increased substantially. Here is the absolute cheapest way to participate currently:  https://buy.stripe.com/5kA6qpccT5NZ1Dq00b

You can find general info about the AI Mastermind HERE.