Learning AI is like Learning a New Language

AILearningCutting-edge research from the University of Pennsylvania warns that nearly two-thirds of jobs in the U.S. and Europe face exposure to AI automation. What's more, about a quarter of these jobs could simply be eliminated entirely by AI. Since white collar work is most at risk, if you're reading this on a computer, chances are high that your livelihood could be impacted.

The best thing you can do to survive the coming upheaval is to master some AI skills. But brace yourself – acquiring AI skills isn't easy. It's  a cognitive challenge of significant magnitude, equivalent to mastering a new language. It is simply not possible to gain AI literacy overnight, or by taking a "seven day intensive," or watching a lot of YouTube videos. It's going to require a few months of serious effort, and the truth is that nobody can do your mental pushups for you. Especially not an AI.

This is why our AI Mastermind takes six months. And this why we have six months of assignments, taking our time to ensure you develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and slowly honing your AI skills. Imagine it as building mental muscle; the more you work on assignments, the closer you will be to achieving AI literacy. It won't happen overnight, so best to mentally prepare yourself to make a significant cognitive effort.

You can consider these assignments as your mental gym – not just tasks to complete, but the forge where your mental prowess is honed. Just like you have to work out to lose weight, you have to adhere to a learning program to be successful with AI. Yes, mentors and peers can assist, but the real growth happens when you wrestle directly with these challenges. To develop true expertise, you must be willing to sweat mentally. There are no shortcuts here, and the best time to commit was yesterday.

Now, the good news is that we're focusing on creative work... so this is going to be fun. What we'll be doing is less like practicing scales, and more like... well, more like making a habit of going to your studio and making art. That's right, a fair percentage of the time, you're going to make videos and songs and artwork. And then after you have some expertise, we'll apply that creativity to stuff that makes you a living. So note this carefully: we prioritize creativity, and you will feel a rush when you begin to produce the kinds of images and video sequences that feel like... art.

Let’s look at the very first assignment for Month 1. The assignment is to make a 1 minute video about why you will succeed and will be a great co-accountability partner. You’ll post this video on the LMS (learning management system) on your profile page. The goal is to have fun with the assignment. There are four tools listed: Lumen5, Pika, InVideo, Heygen – and everyone is encouraged to use the first one right away. Then your group will divide and conquer, learning as many of the others as you can for the rest of the month, one per week. And you can rely on your group for peer coaching. However, if you're a really busy person, just do the first week's assignment. You should learn at the rate you feel comfortable with.

Now about the assignments... please take a look below (ie, “AI Skills You Will Master”).

 AIM Homework Exercises v3