On-chain Governance at the Blockchain East Conference

Blockchain governance is one of the most critical issues facing the blockchain community today. FutureLab managing partner will be leading a panel on this subject at the Blockchain East conference in New York City on October 10th, 2018.

At its core, governance is what allows a blockchain to evolve and change to meet future requirements of its stakeholders.  As blockchain becomes more widely adopted, whether it be in the world of cryptocurrency and finance, or more broadly in enterprise and government, effective governance is vital. This session will take a deep dive into current and future methods of blockchain governance, the consequences of getting it right, and wrong.

  • Governance on the Front Lines - what is working and what hasn’t?
  • Incentives & Methods for Coordination and why they matter for good governance
  • Experiments with on-chain governance - is it a double edged sword?
  • Future approaches to blockchain governance
  • Regulatory perspectives on blockchain governance

Please join Moses and his guests: Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project; Arun Sundararajan, Global Future Council on the New Economic Agenda, World Economic Forum, Professor of Business, Robert L. And Dale Atkins Rosen Faculty Fellow, New York University; and Graham Mosley, Principal Program Manager, Azure Engineering - Blockchain, Microsoft.


You can download the slides for this panel here: [coming soon]