Our partners compose an all-star network of business leaders, notable talents, and innovative organizations that we work closely with on projects and on developing our mutual capabilities and knowledge.  They are located throughout the world, in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


InnovationLabs, USA
InnovationLabs is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovation consulting firms.  We bring the many dimensions of innovation together into practical understanding and meaningful action.  We offer a complete range of innovation services, and we  have an unparalled record of success in our projects.  Our clients say very good things about us, and our writings are some of the most admired in the innovation field.

Olymp Capital is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager based in Luxembourg managing the first European investment fund covering the entire blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem.


Training Center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (TCSAFEA), China
TCSAFEA partners with Western business experts to bring world-recognized training programs to China.  The Innovation Master Plan program developed by our partner InnovationLabs has been licensed by TCSAFEA and is now being taught and applied throughout China


Beijing Institute for Economics and Management
Beijing Institute of Economic Management (BIEM) undertakes two important missions of education for international students as well as development, management, and implement of international cooperation projects.



Symbio, USA
Symbio helps innovative companies create truly great technology products. We apply our expertise in software engineering and product design to help companies create industry leading applications, smart devices, and cloud services.


Point Forward, USA
The principals of Point Forward are pioneers in creating customer insights and innovation based on ethnographic research. We thrive on crossing disciplinary boundaries, digging deep, and challenging conventional wisdom.

Reciprocity, South Africa
Reciprocity is a South African-based consultancy, aiming to optimize the contribution of the private sector to social and economic development.  Our core activity is to offer strategic consulting services for corporations aiming to understand low-income segments, develop links and expand their presence in these markets, often referred to as the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP).

MindDeft, India
is a young and dynamic software development company offering end to end services for web application development, mobile application development, portal development, content management systems and Ecommerce store development


SmithGroup JJR, USA
Our mission is to create a legacy of inspiring places that enhance the environment and enrich the human experience. That, in a nutshell, is the core purpose of SmithGroupJJR. We work together to create well-thought, well-crafted places that artfully balance beauty with function.

Coop Metrics, USA
CoopMetrics provides Fortune 500-quality business intelligence tools that improve the competitiveness of local businesses and their associations. Our analytic and comparative financial analysis tools help independent businesses identify and learn about their own specific strengths and vulnerabilities. We help business owners see trends within their own business operations, compare their performance with peers, and easily identify areas for improvement in their own businesses.