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The rate of change is accelerating,

Even faster than ever in Europe. 

Is your firm prepared for exponential change?

FutureLab will bring the Agile Innovation movement to Amsterdam in 2017, to expand its offerings to the European market.  Kasper de Rijke, based in Amsterdam, will be heading the new outreach providing world class innovation training, workshops, consultations and coaching for public and private sector executives in Europe and throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. It's clear that fragmented or sporadic approaches to strategy, innovation, and technology can never be sufficient to assure the survival of today's organizations. FutureLab offers something new and unique.

Mr. de Rijke notes, “Agile Innovation has the potential to power the next quantum leap in business, by blending empowered ideation with Agile execution. FutureLab is the home of the principal thought leaders in the emerging new arena, that offers a full complement of consulting, training, software and solutions––to provide forward thinking companies with a new kind of innovation-as-a-service. Now European companies can get direct access to this braintrust accelerate progress and inspire transformation.”

This will be the first of several planned launches worldwide we are currently planning to help us meet the demand for a new kind of hands on, high energy innovation consultancy outside the United States. This flagship effort  will provide clients in Europe faster access to our next generation approach to innovation.

A New Approach to Global Innovation

Innovation is a complex problem, a problem of uncertainty, risk, and creativity. In today’s business environment, where firms require scale, stability, and predictable future cash flows through the mastery of what we call “operations logic,” innovation is frequently misunderstood, shunned, largely because its logic is so different from the logic of operations. Consequently, the innovation results produced by most organizations range from weak to thoroughly unsatisfying. The few firms that stand out do so precisely because the mastery they demonstrate is so exceptional, so far beyond the norm.

FutureLab helps bring your organization to mastery of innovation by providing you with the tools to address those core elements of innovation, uncertainty, ambiguity, creativity, and possibility. And while 99% of the organization is focused on today’s operations, that vital 1% that is focused on innovation, must be effectively managed to reliably produce its essential outputs, even as they are different from those produced in operations.

Our team of Silicon Valley veterans has the combined experience of more than 100 years of success on the leading edge of business design and execution, and we offer a unique set of services that are focused on only one objective: to help your organization adapt to change.

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