The FutureLab Vision

The rate of change is accelerating,
But most organziations are not keeping up. 
How is your firm doing?

The Vision of FutureLab merges the strengths of a forward-looking consulting firm with a visionary technology firm into one powerful union of expertise, methods and tools to help you meet and master the future.

We approach our work comprehensively because we've seen and experienced the profoundly unfortunate consequences of fragmented thinking - lost time, missed opportunities, sub-optimal performance, and poor execution. 

We've also experienced the enormous benefits that an integrated approach can provide, so we've brought together a team of world-class experts in strategy, branding, technology, and innovation that is fully qualified to support your organization on the journey to long term sustainability.

Our team of Silicon Valley veterans has the combined experience of more than 100 years of success on the leading edge of business design and execution, and we offer a unique set of services that are focused on only one objective: to help your organization adapt to change.

Enterprise Innovation Management

Certainly we are all deeply aware of the acceleration of change throughout the economy, and the intense pressure that this puts on business leaders. It's clear that fragmented or sporadic approaches to strategy, innovation, and technology can never be sufficient to assure the survival of today's organizations.

What is necessary instead is innovation at the scale of the entire enterprise. Our approach is Enterprise Innovation Management™, the alignment of strategy, work process, and technology around the unique qualities and characteristics that enable the creation of new value at the scale of your enterprise.

For most organizations, this means new ways of working to achieve transformational breakthroughs.

To reach this level of success is not an easy path. But it is certainly the important path, the necessary path. FutureLab's purpose, our vision, mission, and discipline, is to serve as your guide, companion, and advisor on this challenging, fascinating, and necessary journey. We have spent decades preparing concepts, models, frameworks, models, and tools to support your success, and we look forward to working with you every step along the way.

Transformation by Innovation

Innovation is a complex problem, a problem of uncertainty, risk, and creativity. In today’s business environment, where firms require scale, stability, and predictable future cash flows through the mastery of what we call “operations logic,” innovation is frequently misunderstood, shunned, largely because its logic is so different from the logic of operations. Consequently, the innovation results produced by most organizations range from weak to thoroughly unsatisfying. The few firms that stand out do so precisely because the mastery they demonstrate is so exceptional, so far beyond the norm.

FutureLab helps bring your organization to mastery of innovation by providing you with the tools to address those core elements of innovation, uncertainty, ambiguity, creativity, and possibility. And while 99% of the organization is focused on today’s operations, that vital 1% that is focused on innovation, must be effectively managed to reliably produce its essential outputs, even as they are different from those produced in operations.

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