• AVAILABLE NOW - Generative AI for Brainstorming

    AVAILABLE NOW - Generative AI for Brainstorming

    This is like brainstorming on steroids, a true partnership between human and artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    Computational linguistics and machine learning power this app's ability to drive group ideation using intelligent collaboration sensors.
  • BrainstormBot integrates with our OS/i Ideation Framework

    BrainstormBot integrates with our OS/i Ideation Framework

    This app integrates with the Futurelab innovation system to increase your innovative capacity, using our human speech as the user interface for controlling the IP management system.
  • AVAILABLE NOW - Generative AI for Brainstorming
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • BrainstormBot integrates with our OS/i Ideation Framework
  • Innovation Master Plan

    Innovation Master Plan

    Do you have a process for implementing innovation?
    A plan that would enable people to share their best ideas?
    A plan that would help you to create competitive advantage.?
    A plan that would help you adapt to change?

    You need an Innovation Master Plan, a field proven comprehensive approach to align your people, process, tools, and investments. It will help you pursue the right innovation targets while managing the right balance between risk and reward. It will help you meet the challenges of accelerating change and increasing competition. A plan that would help your firm become a leader, or sustain leadership if you already are.

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  • AI-powered OS/i

    AI-powered OS/i

    Do you have a process for implementing innovation?
    An effective process for high-intensity, directed ideation?
    With real-time innovation tracking and metrics?
    And progress driven by a workflow engine?

    OS/i is the Operating System for Innovation and provides comprehensive and systematic technology that your organization requires. It is user-friendly, understandable and clear, and has been proven to be efficient and effective in multiplying creative outputs by an order of magnitude. It's a next generation application that helps teams better capture, refine, evaluate and manage knowledge - all within a structured innovation pipeline and portfolio. It integrates via InnoBot into our generative AI offerings!

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  • C:Space BrainStudio

    C:Space BrainStudio

    Does your organization have the right facility for creativity?
    A place to stimulate high energy creative exploration?
    A place that enables breakthrough brainstorming?
    An integrated suite of the best tools to connect people and ideas?

    Each of these elements – creativity, collaboration, conferencing – define C:Space, and you've probably noticed that none of them are particularly easy to accomplish in traditional conference rooms. In fact, most meeting rooms are creativity killers. The C:Space BrainStudio is a revolutionary new mindset that will help you design your physical enterprise with critical new capacities to significantly accelerate the pace of creative discovery. Also, we know how to integrate AI into your office space!

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