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Agile software technique + the best of innovation + a visionary approach = a profound step forward in innovation management. 
Effective innovation doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design. The companies on the cutting edge of business, technology, and strategy aren’t just lucky. Agile Innovation is a practical guide, with expert guidance and actionable advice, that can show you how to advance your organization to the next level of innovativeness and agility.
Includes 11 detailed case studies illustrating the world’s best innovation practices at Wells Fargo, Nike, Volvo, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, NASA, The New York Times, and others; dozens of specific business examples; and two dozen powerful and unique techniques and methods.

Acclaimed with 55 enthusiastic endorsements from Fortune 500 executives, Agile experts, innovation thought leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs, validate that this is a “must-read” book because of the many new ideas and techniques. This book will guide visionary leaders to find their own unique successes at the heights of innovation.
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Revolution OS/i
Operating System for Innovation

Do you have the right infrastructure for innovation?  Revolution is the essential tool for Enterprise Innovation Management.  Enable your organization to achieve sustainable innovation competence with this system of advanced management tools, training and processes. 
Launch, instill and sustain the essentials for effective innovation, and support your organization in developing successful products, services, and business models.
IdeaScrum™ – Help teams capture, refine, share evaluate and manage new ideas. Create powerful libraries of existing knowledge within a structured innovation pipeline and portfolio. Apply the principles of Agile Innovation, a next generation application for organizations on the leading edge of innovation.
InnoMetrics™ - This dynamic analysis tool gives your executive team thorough visibility of your innovation portfolio, enabling you to guide your organization’s brainpower toward the most useful and productive goals and targets.
IdeaXML™ -  An open taxonomy for communicating about ideas and innovation that allows partner organizations to produce secure mashups of new and complementary technologies.  The key is that it does all this without exposing proprietary IP.
InnovationBackplane™ - An open framework you can use to link many different innovation applications and systems. You don’t have to replace your existing idea management system to benefit from the advanced features in Revolution.
InTraining™ -  Built-in innovation training, comprehensive, context sensitive, time-compressed, and a critical tool to help your entire organization adopt necessary innovation behaviors without stress or strain.
Revolution OS/i is comprehensive and proven model of innovation management.  Successfully deployed globally in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits and in small and medium sized businesses. 


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